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Everything you need to get - and stay - in shape.

EchtFit is a mobile platform with real, live trainers coaching you on training, sleeping and eating. Start now!

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How fit are you really?

Consistency is key.. Being consistent gets easy over time when it becomes a habit. This app will help you with that by analyzing your habits.


With real, live trainers

All over the world! Why limit yourself? Find the perfect match and select the best trainer out there to reach your goals.

  • Find real, live trainer(s)

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  • Put together a fully personalized training program

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  • Record your workout and get live feedback

  • Work together, find your local workout buddy


Healty and tasty

Do you know how many calories you need to gain (and lose) weight? What’s your maintenance level? What to eat and what not? This app will tell you.


Is just a habit. Being consistent gets easy over time.

Fits in

The EchtFit app will help you analyze your habits and make 1:1 coaching affordable

Your life

You decide what you need and when you need it

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